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Using a flotation system when growing oysters guarantees better meat quality and oyster shape, and means less hours stood at the trestles for you!

Towards Developing a Flotation System

We want to talk about floats, and flotation systems today. At the recent show in Vannes everyone was talking flotation…
Sustainable Oysters

Sustainable Oysters

The history of oysters being harvested in Ireland for human consumption dates back to prehistoric times. Shell middens can be…

5 No-Shuck Ways To Enjoy Oysters!

Fancy an oyster but don’t have an oyster knife to hand or feeling a little nervous about shucking them? Then…
This short online survey aims to capture your thoughts and comments about the seascapes that you are familiar with and what they mean to you.

Ireland’s Seascapes

To deepen our understanding of Ireland’s Seascapes, the Marine Institute is inviting you to complete an online survey. The survey responses…
Rack and bag oyster cultivation

Rack and Bag Cultivation

In Ireland the ‘rack and bag’ method is the most common method of oyster cultivation. The young oysters are placed…
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