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Triskell Seafood

Covid-19 Situation

Triskell Seafood Ltd would like to confirm to our customers and suppliers that we are still fully operational despite the…
Based on electron microscopic (EM) imagery, this illustration provides a three-dimensional (3D), graphical representation of a number of norovirus virions, set against a black background. Illustrator: Alissa Eckert, MS

Norovirus Outbreak in France

Norovirus Detected in France Shellfish Growers in Ireland are following closely the situation in France regarding the norovirus outbreak which…
Visit an Oyster Farm

Visit To An Oyster Farm

Visitors to Ireland are being encouraged by the Irish Tourist Board to consider a seafood experience that will truly give…
Oyster Gardening

Oyster Gardening in America

Oyster Gardening began back in 2003 in Delaware when government grants allowed locals with waterfront property to raise small amounts…
The Real Map of Ireland

The Real Map of Ireland

What do you think of when you think of Ireland? A small island off the northwest coast of Europe perhaps.…
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