The Grower is a quarterly publication for the Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers (ASSG) and this month published a follow-up interview with Marie-Aude discussing the impact of Brexit on the business.

Last year we spoke with the Editor about preparations for Brexit and what concerns we had ahead of Britain’s exit from the EU. This month we are doing a follow-up talking about the outcome and how it has impacted on exporting to the UK and to Europe via the landbridge.

Read the full article here The Grower Article July 2021

The Grower is an interesting read and particularly to see how industry colleagues in Britain are faring. You can download a digital copy of the Magazine on their website at

There is no doubt that the ban in Europe on buying from Britain has been a boom for Irish and Dutch mussel farmers. The growers we have spoken to have said the lack of UK supplies has resulted in a massive boost in their sales. We feel enormously sorry for the growers in Britain who have spent so many years building those connections up and who have quality product ready for market that they simply can’t sell.

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