About the name “Triskell”

“Triskell” – the name of our company – comes from the greek ‘triskelon’ meaning ‘three-legged’ and is a common motif found in celtic iconography. One of the earliest examples of it is found at the Neolithic site of Newgrange dating back over 5000 years.

Triskell Seafood Logo

There are many interpretations of the 3-legged Triskell,
including life-death-rebirth, the joining of the celestial, mortal and spiritual worlds, or the meeting of the 3 dynamic elements
“Water, Air and Fire”

“The waves of the Sea, the breath of the Wind,
the Flames of the Fire”

For us it is a symbol of constant creation and movement, a naturally progressive attitude at the heart of the culture of our company.

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