Our Commitment To Sustainability

The journey to sustainability is ongoing but it’s one that Triskell Seafood are committed to.
We want to make the most sustainable choices for our products, our industry and our planet.
Here’s what we’re doing now and what our goals are for the future…

Our Goals

As part of our ongoing commitment to operating in as sustainable a way as possible, in August 2022 we installed solar panels on the roof of the warehouse in Collooney.

With a capacity of 12.2MWp we are hopeful that we will be in a position to passively generate the vast majority of our energy needs into the future.

Recycled packaging

We believe in the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle. We reuse all our packaging in order to reduce our carbon footprint and that’s why sometimes your purchases will come in an old wine box! In the office we try to print as little as possible and to reuse all paper so that we can keep waste to a minimum. We’re always happy to find a new use for something because sometimes pre-used just means pre-loved!

ECO TAG logo

Increasingly our customers want to know that their purchases are produced in a sustainable fashion. This is of particular importance for those customers who are conscious of reducing their carbon footprint around their packaging for retail. So we are committing to putting this at the heart of how we do business into the future. We will endeavour to always look for the most sustainable products to answer our customers’ needs.

We are adding a sustainable icon to any products we stock that are biodegradable or made sustainably. And to make it even easier for you to find them we have added an ECO tag that you can search to bring all Eco-responsible products onto the one screen

Whenever possible we have always tried to find a local supplier for our products and services and this remains a top priority for us.

Recycle Program

Our recycling program means that we are mindful that just because we are finished with something doesn’t mean that we can just throw it out to landfill. That’s why we are careful to recycle our coffee pods and printing cartridges, batteries and bulbs, and any paper or packaging that cannot be re-used. We donate used electrical goods and mobile phones to charity in Africa.

Sustainable Oysters

We love that oysters are such a naturally sustainable product that actively work to improve the quality of the water they grow in and their environment. We encourage all growers we work with to join Origin Green (Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme), so that we can be confident that the shellfish we sell are farmed responsibly and in a sustainable way.

Triskell is happy to facilitate the sale of second-hand aquaculture equipment between growers.
Considering the rise in raw materials we appreciate that growers are eager to be as economical as possible. And they don’t want to waste anything that another grower might have a use for!
So if you are looking to sell on your own equipment or bags, or if you are looking for something ‘pre-loved’ give us a call. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with one another. It’s a service we offer to our customers for free.
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