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Triskell Seafood Ltd specialises in sourcing and trading live shellfish across Europe. We pride ourselves on trading quality shellfish at all stages of the growing cycle with a focus primarily on Gigas Oysters, Flat Oysters, Winkles and Clams (when in season).

All our seafood is sourced from licensed growers who are committed to raising their stock in a responsible and sustainable manner. In Ireland water quality and shellfish health is overseen in the South by the Marine Institute and the SFPA (Sea Fisheries Protection Authority), and in the North by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. In addition most of our growers are members of Origin Green, Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme.

We also supply oyster (gigas) seed (both diploid and triploid) from a selection of reliable hatcheries and nurseries. We will arrange all documentation and transport on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We are committed to following a rigorous traceability system to ensure that all shellfish supplied by Triskell Seafood meets the highest standards for quality and excellence.

In 2021 we launched an Online Seafood Sales Platform  to allow us to display a catalogue of the shellfish that is available at any given time for our international customers to buy. We are always interested to hear from growers who would like to see their product listed on this portal.

Our Offer

Seafood Oyster - Huîtres d'Irlande

Oysters (Crassostrea Gigas)

Available all year round. Triploids and diploid oysters supplied as standard or speciales:

  • Standard oysters:  All grades from No 4 up to No 0
  • Speciales oysters: All grades from No 4 to No 0
  • Half grown: All grades
Oyster Seed - Naissain d’Huîtres

Oyster Seed (Crassostrea Gigas)

Sourced from reputable hatcheries, we offer seed (triploid or diploid) from G4 to G12.

Flat Oysters - Huîtres plates

Flat Oysters (Ostrea Edulis)

Flat oysters from the Netherlands also available on request, possibilty to purchase them graded. Seasonal product only.

Perewinkles | Winkles | Bigourneaux | Live Shellfish

Winkles (Littorina Littorea)

Winkles are supplied all year round either Mixed or graded: Medium, Large and Jumbo.

On request we can also provide small winkles for use inside your oyster bags.

Clams | Palourdes | Live Shellfish

Clams (Tapes Philipinarum)

Irish clams are sadly not as prevalent as they used to be, however we can still source clams at certain times of the year from France, medium to large grades.

Razor Clams | Couteaux | Live Shellfish

Razor Clams (Ensis Ensis)

Supplied in bundles of 1kg, with 3kg per box. Razor clams are a seasonal product sourced in Holland.

Triskell Seafood Online Seafood Sales Portal

Online Seafood Sales Platform

Our online sales platform allows us to bring our full selection of available shellfish to a wider international market.

Shellfish growers are invited to contact us with details of the product they have available to sell in order to be listed on the catalogue.  www.triskellseafood.ie

While we do not trade directly in crustaceans ourselves we are happy to put you in contact with suppliers of :

Lobsters (Homarus Gammarus)

Brown Crabs (Cancer Pagurus)

Velvet Crabs (Liocarcinus Puber)

Green Crabs (Carcinus Maenus)

Shrimps (Palemon Serratus)

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