Kitchen Knife | Utility Knife | Multipurpose

New to our range of Knives & Tools is the Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato Knife.

  • MATERIAL: 11 cm stainless steel blade with serrated edge. The handle is polypropylene (PP) and comes in a range of colours.
  • SHARP: incredibly sharp and strong enough to even cut through rope. No sharpening required.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: has numerous uses in the kitchen and the colourful handle makes it easy to spot in the drawer.

Crafted by expert Swiss knife-makers VICTORINOX, our new Tomato knife is sharp enough to use cutting fruit, vegetables, breads and meats in the kitchen.


The ergonomic wavy handle is comfortable to hold and the attractive design means it looks good enough to use on your dining table and as a steak knife.


Incredibly strong this knife is sharp enough to cut through rope and is perfect for slicing cleanly through seaweed for harvesting or when cleaning off seaweed growing on trestles.

I love the Victorinox line of knives. Unlike other brands they make them simple and perfect for every day tasks. This one is the most useful serrated knife I have ever owned. Perfect for cutting tomatoes due to its extreme sharpness which still holds after months of use, bread, bagels without making a mess, it is even perfect for spreading butter.

Sold individually and available in black / orange / yellow. Place your order now.

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