The T-Ostrea Flotation Clips Allow Your Bags To Move With The Tide

The second flotation system launched in 2021 is the T-Ostrea. These ingenious Flotation Clips allow your oyster bags to hang below the trestles and let them move freely with the tide. The two-piece kit works with any trestle size and does not require any adjustments to your existing trestles.


The textile cords are made from Nodex rope and have been extensively tested to ensure they are robust enough to guarantee years of use in even the most exposed of sites. The ergonomic L13 ring clips easily onto the rebar and protect the cord tether from wear and tear and allows the tether to rotate freely around the bar. the L13 connects with the shorter T8 tether which is fitted directly into your bag mesh. They are designed to support a maximum load of 250kg so are extremely strong.


Using this system your bags can rotate a full 360º around the bar when hung along the outside of the trestle without crossbars. When the tide is out they simply hang below the bar. Alternatively, if your trestles are the type commonly in use in Ireland with crossbars to supports the bags when laid on top, then you can hang the bags along the length or the across the width of the trestle and they have movement up to around 180º.



The system doesn’t just work with standard oyster bags, they can be attached easily to AP6 and AP3 baskets as well as working with long lines. What’s more they are strong enough to hang two AP6 baskets one below the other. When using AP3 and AP6 baskets it isn’t necessary to attach floats.


A Couple of Considerations….

The manufacturers recommend the clips are used with casier bags which are supplied open at both ends. This makes it easy to reach in and put in the clips from either end of the bag. However, if you want to use them with regular oyster bags then they will work just as well. You simply reach into the bag to fit them.

As with any flotation system it is important before you start to consider how you will anchor your trestles. If you plan to attach 6 bags and floats to one table then we strongly recommend you anchor that table, particularly if used with seed. A folded leg will allow the trestle to be anchored more efficiently.

So Why Try The T-Ostrea System?

The constant movement of the bags ensures your oysters are regularly tumbled, that movement knocks the frill off your oysters and ensures they develop stronger shells with a deeper cup shape and higher meat quality. Once installed you don’t have to manually turn your bags anymore, saving you hours of exhausting manual work!

The T-Ostrea Flotation Clips are completely reliable and maintenance free. They have UV protection to ensure long-life and are 100% recyclable.

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