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The rolls are made with high density polyethylene and UV protection and are strong enough to withstand years of abuse. They are available in a range of different heights, lengths and g/m2 to suit different applications. Have a look at the table below to give you an idea of the range of sizes and weights.

Mesh size available ranges from 5MM to 25MM depending on your purpose. All the rolls now come with a diamond shape mesh. The average roll is 25M in length, with some as long as 50M.

The mesh has many applications; as well as fixing oyster bags, it can be used very successfully in sheets to grow seaweed, or cut and shaped into pots for shrimps, crabs or lobsters. It is also used for drainage purposes on building projects.

Rolls are sold individually. Call us to discuss your requirements before placing your order.

5277 1.2M 1*1 DIAMOND 50M 660
5255 1.2M 3*3 DIAMOND 25M 660
5201 1.2M 4*4 DIAMOND 25M 660
5256 1.2M 6*6 DIAMOND 25M 850
5186 1.2M 9*9 DIAMOND 25M 660
3322599 1M 9*9 DIAMOND 25M 900
5185 1.2M 13*13 DIAMOND 25M 660
3312200 1M 6*6 SQUARE 25M
3318201 1M 10*10 SQUARE 25M
3318200 1M 14*14 SQUARE 25M
3306210 1M 15*15 SQUARE 25M
3310210 1M 23*23 SQUARE 25M
3316203 1M 6*6 SQUARE 25M
3316202 1M 8*8 SQUARE 25M
3316201 1M 10*10 SQUARE 25M

Rolls of 900G Mesh

We are now also stocking rolls of mesh by French brand CNG. The rolls are 1M high and 25M long in a heavy 900G 9MM mesh. Perfect for putting together lobster and shrimp pots and other heavy-duty tasks.

Place your order now.

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